"We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to

~ Albert Einstein

If you are a person who has been paying attention to the state of the world of
late, you may have noticed some troubling developments regarding our natural
environment.  Such as, man made ecological disasters, species being
threatened or vanishing completely because of either human profiteering or
environmental issues, and of course global climate change that is rapidly
threatening to completely alter life on Earth as we know it.

Based on humanity's apparent desire to possess more, have it easier, pay less
and damn the consequences, it seems that we feel that we own this Earth, but in
reality we are only renting it from our children, and to be honest we have been
rather poor tenants.

Examples of this include the clear cutting of the Amazon Rain forests, the great
Pacific garbage patch, the Gulf of Mexico dead zone, the continuing decline in
living coral along the Great Barrier Reef, not to mention the increasing rise of
ocean levels from the melting Arctic pack ice melting and the evidence of a
looming mass extinction of 75% of species on this planet.  Mankind is fast
approaching an ecological tipping point.  

The saddest aspect of this situation is that these global environmental problems
that are directly threatening the future of our children and our children's
children are completely our fault, because they happened on our watch.  Our
greed to have "more for less", our inability to hold corporations and politicians
responsible for their failure to protect the environment while they reap untold
profits and cater to special interest groups respectively and the people's lack of
vision in public funding, children's education seems to be being ever so slowly
destroyed, just like our ecosystem.  

Unfortunately we are no longer like our ancient ancestors, who were able to live
sustainable lives and were one with the lands they lived upon.  Perhaps though
our children can overcome the apathy, self-importance, and greed that we have
displayed towards our world and its ecosystem in order to save themselves and
the countless species of plants and animals that our ignorance and arrogance
have brought to the brink of doom.  How though can we help them to begin to
break the cycle of self-destruction that has been going on for generations?  The
answer does not lie in relying on governments to protect us from this dismal
future nor in “for profit” corporation’s ability to regulate themselves in an
altruistic manner.  As a people, we need to come to the conclusion that the
answer will not be a simple fix, but rather a long-term strategic goal.   

The main thrust of GEO's strategy is to increase our children's overall measured
understanding of math, science and conservation awareness; which is currently
not at all at the level needed to prepare them to cope with these looming
environmental threats.  At this time, the United States, as one of the most
developed nations of the world; ranks 25th in the world in terms of their
educational test scoring in math and science among the top 35 nations in the
world.  With the resources at our disposal this educational situation is

GREEN EDUCATION ONLINE was created to be part of the long-term strategic
solution to solving Earth's problems through sparking enlightenment, fostering
empathy and inspiring the world's youth to better themselves through
education, but we cannot do this without your help.  Please donate to GREEN
EDUCATION ONLINE.  We are all in this together.