"Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee
of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a
sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty and violence, awaken the
wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure."

~ John McConnell, founder of International Earth Day

GREEN EDUCATION ONLINE, or GEO, is a forward thinking approach to educating
and enlightening the children of the world.  The mission of Green Education
Online is to create a pervasive 3D online world that children, K-12, can explore
and interactively engage with in order to increase their knowledge and
comprehension of math, and science while also showing that they can be an
integral part of restoring harmony to Earth’s ecosystem through lessons in
green/conservation awareness.  It is also our goal to inform the parents of their
children's adventures within the world of GEO, via email, of the areas where
their children are excelling and where they may need a helping hand.

This online experience seeks to inspire children to challenge themselves to
learn more about the world around them by allowing them to explore planet
Earth and it’s cosmic neighbors.  Children will be able to investigate the surface
of the Moon, the planet Mars, Earth’s deepest oceans, lush rain forests, arid
deserts, exotic jungles, and the frigid arctic.  Imagine the excitement, as your
child is able to virtually walk within these locales to discover their treasures
including realistic flora and fauna. GEO will attempt to enhance a child’s
educational experience and give future generations the foundation, tools, and
desire to better understand their world and how they might learn to better
coexist with their fellow creatures and perhaps heal their planet.  Our hope is
that GEO will help our children to no longer simply be consumers of Earth’s
resources, but rather to become caretakers of this world

Our focused goals are to increase our children's overall interest in school,  to
create curriculum that will hopefully improve their test scores in math and
science, and then we then hope that our focus on creating targeted "Green"
educational adventures will cause our children to aspire to a greater level of
innate conservation awareness than any other previous generation. From this
we hope that we can foster a desire in our youth to pursue careers in medical
research, environmental conservation, global exploration greater numbers that
are currently recorded.  

Ultimately though our greatest aspiration would be to be able to inspire a child
to grow up to be the CEO of a major multi-national corporation who uses the
principles they learned within GEO to create successful business stratagems
that are based on sustainable, environmentally conscience practices rather than
the current shortsighted trend of attempting to generate huge short term profit
regardless of the environmental consequences and non-sustainable processes
just to satisfy the corporate bottom line and greed.  

GREEN EDUCATION ONLINE wants to create an online interactive world that will
plant the seeds from which will grow positive and lasting change in how our
children coexist with our ecosystem, thereby helping to insure the survival of all
Earth's creatures.  

Will you help us?