"Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it.  
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound
together.  All things connect."

~ Chief Seattle

GREEN EDUCATION ONLINE (or GEO), is a fully incorporated , 501(c)(3),  non-
profit educational, (free use), 3D online system that currently under
development.  GEO is a project of ambitious scope and goals that is being
created by people who care about the future of our children and this planet.  
GEO is designed to inspire and enlighten children while also reinforcing and
enhancing the knowledge that they are gaining through their daily studies at
school or home school.

What makes GEO unique?

GEO will be the only free real-time 3D online world totally dedicated to bolstering
children's knowledge in math, science and green/conservation awareness.  The
ultimate goal of GEO is to create a real-time 3D world where students, (K-12), can
learn about the world through interactive lessons in Math, Science and
Conservation in ways that are relevant to their interests and how the material
learned can be used to create a Greener Planet by:

*  Empowering children to take an active role in saving the Earth.
*  Fostering a desire to explore the world and universe around them.
*  Hopefully creating an ethical compass that will guide children in later life.

Have you ever wanted to make a real and positive difference in the world?  Are
you at all concerned with the level of education our children are receiving?  
Do you feel the way that this generation and their predecessors have treated
the Earth's ecosystem has left our children and all Earth's creatures at risk?

We at GREEN EDUCATION ONLINE feel that a great way to make a positive and
lasting difference in this world is to create an interactive educational program
that will fundamentally change the way future generations view their place in
this world.  We mean to do this by creating an experience that enlightens our
children to the importance and impact that they can have in this world, to also
create adventures that will foster empathy within them for the creatures of this
planet and to their fellow man, and ultimately craft a system that drives our
children's excitement in education using the three "E's" of GEO.

ENLIGHTENMENT             EMPATHY                EDUCATION

GEO's mission is to create a pervasive 3D online world that children, K-12, can
explore and interactively engage with in order to increase their knowledge and
comprehension of math, and science while also showing that they can be an
integral part of restoring harmony to Earth’s ecosystem through lessons in
green/conservation awareness. This online experience seeks to inspire children
to challenge themselves to learn more about the world around them by allowing
them to explore planet Earth and it’s cosmic neighbors.  Children will be able to
investigate the surface of the Moon, the planet Mars, Earth’s deepest oceans,
our lush rain forests, arid deserts, exotic jungles, and the frigid arctic.  Imagine
the excitement, as a child is able to virtually walk in these locales to discover
the wonder of all its treasures that it contains.  GEO will attempt to enhance a
child's educational experience and give future generations the foundation,
tools, and desire to better understand their world and how they might learn to
better coexist with their fellow creatures and perhaps heal their planet.  Our
hope is that GEO will help our children to no longer simply be consumers of
Earth’s resources, but rather to become the true caretakers of this world

We cannot do this alone.  We need your help to make a this dream for a better
tomorrow for all Earth's children a reality.

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